Cracking the IHOP Pancake Eating Record!

Although National Pancake Day isn’t until February 5th, I was reminded of a contest I did around this time about a year ago. On October 23rd last year, I decided to take on the All You Can Eat (AYCE) Pancake challenge at IHOP. Well, there was no real challenge but when someone puts on an AYCE special, kinda begs the question as to how many you can put away right?

Myself, my parents and two of my friends descended upon the closest ‘Shack of Flapjacks’ around 2-ish in the afternoon, all of which hadn’t eaten anything all day long in order to save room for this fiasco. The way it works is you order the AYCE pancake combo for $4.99 which includes eggs and meat (I know, they’re trying to sabotage you already) along with your first stack of two pancakes and they bring out plates of three until you just can’t stomach anymore.

My mom was the first to tap out with 8 pancakes. Next down was my buddy Scooba Steve who managed to edge her out by putting away 10. With some effort my buddy Mike Hyer was able to put away 15 of them. Then there were only two of us left, my dad and I… Drum roll. please! He was our runner up with a valiant effort polishing off a whopping 17.5 pancakes! Even though I had just clinched the win, I actually didn’t feel full yet so I kept going. My grand total ended up being 22 before finally putting my fork and knife down. 90 minutes from the moment we walked in the door, our squad nearly ran the chefs out of pancake batter by racking up a total of 79 pancakes between the five of us! Check out the slideshow of the action below:

The five contestants, smiling… For now…

photo: Keith James

Still in the running, Hyer is still happy and stuffing… And stuffing…

photo: Keith James

Hyer, not so happy… You give up buddy?

photo: Keith James

How my parents were still able to laugh with full stomachs is beyond me!

photo: Keith James

My final three pancakes before they disappeared… into my leg!

photo: Keith James

The grand total, our server Gina and the rest of the staff were astounded!

photo: Keith James

The promo poster outside (which pictures a stack of 18 pancakes by the way) boasting 4 less than I put away that day…

photo: Keith James

We all passed out into food comas after and I’m sure you’re wondering if anyone lost their um lunch, but nope no cleanups were needed. Oh, and by the way the record at the New Hartford store was 13 pancakes so that got completely shattered! But that was last year and this October is just around the corner and I’m up for defending my title if you’d like to try and unseat me! Who’s game? Let’s make this bigger than ever and I’ll bet I can get some of your other favorite Townsquare radio personalities in on it to make your bragging rights even sweeter should you win! I mean hey, now you can actually ‘Chow down with Chip‘ for real! Comment below if you’re interested and we’ll get this thing going!

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